Ok , Let’s admit one thing, we are NOT finished products ,are we ? We are not (mostly) who we want to be like , are we ? But have you ever wanted to become the person you desire to be like ? Well, I have and I decided to share my journey and what all will learn on the way so it’s much easier for you. Want to join ?



Why do people lie ? Do they lie because they want to hide something ? or is it because they feel that the truth is too bitter to handle ? For example, I lied to my mother yesterday when she asked me if I had eaten the last cookie, I refused shaking my head vigorously even when I was the one who had eaten it. Why do you think I lied ? Maybe so that I don’t get scolded ( I got scolded anyways) So, in this situation, I lied because of the fear of getting scolded. That’s a new reason. A few days ago, my friend lied that she had a golden airplane and her father dropped her to school daily in it. Later we found out that her father was actually the school bus driver. Why do you think she lied ? this maybe because she wanted to either fit in, gain our attention or maybe just feel good about her life by making another fake one ? The thing is that I feel that everyone has a reason to lie and that is okay but only if the reason is valid. When you start lying for no reason then that becomes addiction.

But how will you ever stop ? How to stop lying completely ? Let’s troubleshoot this issue right here : 1. Want to hide something : before lying due to this reason, think : Why am I hiding this ? and What will happen if I tell the truth ? If the answers to these questions indicate that lying is the better option , then you have a valid point to lie.

2. Truth is too bitter : Be strong , be brave. For this you have to be fearless unless the result of truth here is going to cause permanent damage.

This is how you troubleshoot your problems and find answers to them. And let us both take an oath at the current moment to stop or eradicate lying completely. Happy Journey !!





Summer is a festival. In summer we get freedom from the demon named school and we are practically invincible in summer. Nobody stops us from doing anything, not our mothers not even our teachers. We are also allowed to stay out for a lot of time and let the sun suck up all our energy, so we can go home and have lemonade, ice-cream and not to forget watch tv !!! After all these mandatory rituals we proceed for the main activity : SWIMMING. If you don’t like summer, you are an alien. If you like the heat in summer then you are a bigger alien. Hope you have a great life ahead alien !! And for the rest of us humans.. Have a nice day!!

P.S: Aliens : Please go back to your planet.

Namaste ,



Revenge : My book

Here is a sneak peek into the first chapter of my book:

“Don’t! You’ll regret it! “,
I held the gun tightly in my hand, determined to shoot, there was no turning back now, she deserved it.
“Please, I’m sorry, I really am..”
I slowly moved forward with an emotionless face.
I will do it. I will.
With her incessantly begging me not to do it, I decided whatever happens today, how much ever she begs me, I. Will. Do. It
Suddenly, I felt a cold touch on my shoulder and I quickly turned back to see him. I shivered, dropping the gun onto the floor.
” I see that you reached here before I could. You are much smarter than I expected you to be,” he said picking the gun up and examining it.
I had to leave. What if he knew the actual reason for my anger. I had to think fast because if he was here, then nobody was safe…
I slowly turned and started walking towards her. Got it! I just have to be very casual. I laughed and then swallowed hard ” What are you talking about Will? I am just here to take revenge ” I grit my teeth and strangled her
( which I was initially going to do ). Will laughed and said ” Oh! I thought you were here for something else… anyway. Is this the girl who you wanted to take revenge from 4 years back ?” I swallowed hard. He remembers that. I just had to leave. Now. ” Yeah “, I chuckled like it was nothing. ” You remembered !!” I said, trying my best not to sound suspicious.
Okay, Let’s do what we originally came here to do. Then I realized she had not said anything for quite a while,( which was news to me as if she had revealed why I was here, I would have been dead now. ) just to find out that I had strangled her so hard that she had passed out already. Sadly not passed away. ” Everything all right? ” Will asked.
Nope, not at all, How can it be if you’re here?
“Yeah, all good. Finally !! Was tracking her for a pretty long time now. “I said faking my joy.
” Drop the act, ” Will said walking slowly towards me.
run. I knew I had to. All my senses told me to run and when I almost started running, she pulled me.
” Thought I was dead huh? “
All I could remember was a bullet on my shoulder.

Hope you liked it !!




Nature at it’s Best

I remember that I was in in 5th grade when our English teacher had told us to write an essay on nature.. I do not remember what was in the essay but I did remember the name-” Nature at it’s best ” That time I had just written some random mandatory things but now if you look at it , I really think I understand the meaning now. Today , 27 th September , Daughters day , I went to a nearby park ” Cubbon park” Humongous and glorious ., I think even these words can never ever be enough to describe such a magnificent place… But why Cubbon park ? why not a nearby mall ?I feel I chose cubbon park over a mall as 1) I never really went before 2) Malls are closed 3) Why not explore ? 4) It’s always good to enjoy nature. But I think that I can call this experience life changing as if we ever look away from our busy life.. Life is actually amazing when you are around nature.

Okay , let me share my experience with you..


Even a million words cannot ever describe anything like a picture, a picture is priceless and what is much better than a few self explanatory innocent yet magnificent pictures ? ( clicked by yours truly as I looove photography !!!)

Have we really become such insensitive people ? That plants have to be in a very secured place so they don’t face our wrath ?
A beauty……
Sure !! why not ?
okay , you have put on some weight…. SCRICT DIET FROM TOMMOROW
No words ….
Ohh ! looking sharp !! Did you just have a haircut ?
Oh honey I shrunk myself !!
Looks so sharp yet so soft
Yes sir ! please arrest it !! TOO PRETTY !!
Oh aren’t you pretty ?
Looking better with your sidekick , The shrub !!
Don’t worry , Will get you out of jail soon!!
Oh hello ! handsome
Yup , heres the last

I hope you like it !! Thank you and have the most amazing day !!


Can’t Wait !

Hey HappyOrbiters !

A lot has happened during this lockdown and I hope all of you have been able to get through it. Schools have begun, students all across the world are super eager to start online schools ( That includes me too !! ). When everyone are doing “Some PRODUCTIVE WORK ” I have just been chilling at home, studying or going down to the basement . I don’t think i should consider these activities as productive though . They are just the things I do at home daily and know i dont even have sundays to look after to .

That paragraph was me before school begun , I still dont look forward to sundays anymore, I look forward to my nexxt class .

P.S : Maya says I have become mature and am writing mature posts but my next post may prove that wrong. Watch Out !!!!!!11


Just take a moment to think….

Okay, I’ll be frank.

There is not one day that I have thanked God for what I have now. I have great parents, a beautiful house to live in, the best friends and the most important

A TV !!!


I am sad that I don’t have the best dress or the latest iPhone which all my friends have but not me.

And I throw a tantrum and go to my room only to find the iPhone, dress or something even better lying on my bed the next minute. But the next day I am sad again as I want something else again.. and that cycle continues forever.

Now now when I have time I think about this….(when I am not busy throwing tantrums )

I look around just to find a girl..maybe my age.. holding a baby begging around.

My attention drifts toward her dress…

it is tattered and in terrible condition. Why isn’t she sad??

I am touched…

imagine, instead of buying the latest iPhone, if I gave that money to her, she could feed herself and the baby for months.

I go back to my parents’ room and throw a tantrum…

for something else this time…

for that girl.



Not Unique…

I am not unique. I love blending in. I am scared to stand out . I often do what others do , and I love going with the flow , why break it ? I know a few ” unique ” people , everybody likes them and some despise them , take my friend Happy orbits for an example , She has so many followers and friends but , when she makes even one mistake , criticism prevails , but this never happens to me because I can blend in, I try to pretend to be unique so as to be ” cool” but , I am not . I cant just say it is okay , when I get criticized , like Happy Orbits so , I dont really feel that I’m not unique….. But I feel I also am unique, by blending in and am unique in my own way…

P.S. Shh ! Don’t tell Happy Orbits I wrote in her blog again , remember … Unknown ep . 1 ? She beat me up black and blue , (bruises are still visible )
Yours Truly ,



Hi !!

My name is Happy Orbits and I belong to India. I owe everything I am to My Parents and my 2 BFFS. I love listening and singing Music. I love playing Basket Ball alone or with people who are way better than me at BB. I love blogging and living in my own world. But does this actually define me ?

Well , If your answer was yes , You are absolutely …..


Because , The only thing that defines me is what you assume me to be

See, I am a totally Different person than you think I am , but do you know that ?

So , to you I may be rude , jolly , crazy or serious

And to another person I may be different.

But , then what really defines me ?

My opinion of myself . Trust me , that is the only thing that matters….