Hi !!

My name is Happy Orbits and I belong to India. I owe everything I am to My Parents and my 2 BFFS. I love listening and singing Music. I love playing Basket Ball alone or with people who are way better than me at BB. I love blogging and living in my own world. But does this actually define me ?

Well , If your answer was yes , You are absolutely …..


Because , The only thing that defines me is what you assume me to be

See, I am a totally Different person than you think I am , but do you know that ?

So , to you I may be rude , jolly , crazy or serious

And to another person I may be different.

But , then what really defines me ?

My opinion of myself . Trust me , that is the only thing that matters….



You , yes you are my best friend. You do not know how much you mean to me and I love you for who you are. See , I have this attitude towards others… do you have this attitude ? If you do , continue and if you dont start because then , you will have a new best friend and you will also make someone’s day. See , It is a win win situation right ? and in this way you can contribute in making the world a more happier place.


Hi !!! Today is Happy orbits first STOP DAY

So as today is stop day let us try to stop all the bad things we tend to do even when we know they are wrong , today we analyze our lives and see how drastically we have changed over the years and try to have fresh life and a fresh start in our lives and become new. I feel these Stop days are very necessary in our lives and It may help us become a new person and a better person ,

Thank you for reading

Namaste !!!!!!!!!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi !!

Hi , Today is one of my most favorite festivals , Ganesh Chaturthi ! It is like a birthday of lord Ganapati.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated annually to mark the birth of Lord Ganesh the God of new beginnings and a fresh start. This year, the ten-day celebrations is on August 22. Lord Ganesh is considered to be a symbol of wisdom, writing, travel, commerce and good fortune. He is also addressed as Gajanan, Ganesh, Ganapati.

Legend tells the tale of Goddess Parvati who made baby Ganesha using sandalwood paste and asked him to guard the entrance while she took a bath. When Lord Shiva wanted to enter, Ganesha would not even allow him to pass through. Lord Shiva, enraged by this, severed the child’s head. When Goddess Parvati realized what had happened, she was overwhelmed and heartbroken. This is when Lord Shiva promised that he would bring baby Ganesha back to life. He went on to instruct his followers (ganas) to search for the head of the first living creature they could find to replace on Ganesha’s body. However, the ganas could only find a baby elephant’s head. That is how Lord Ganesha came back to life with the head of an elephant. Lord Shiva named him the leader of the ganas, or Ganapati.


Hii ! How are you ??? Hope you are safe

The words I have typed above are a part of sentence right ? or are they ?

Okay , so for a second let us assume that we are newborn right now…. would you still think of this sentence as a meaningful one ? See , I think our elders have tricked us to learn this random language instead of our soo familiar goo- goo- gaga one.

Therefore as Nandini says , Words make a person who they are

I completely opppose it



Hi ,

My blog is actually based on perspective of other people right ?? And in what better way do I explain different perspectives than a few friends of ours??

So meet P.E.R.S.P.E.C.T.I.VE

These are my new friends


She is a bubbly , kind and innocent girl. But many people are taking advantage of her and she is slowly moving into depression. To impress others she is doing all other peoples work and is unable to concentrate as these days she never uttered the word no !!


She is a sensitive, smart and happy girl but people are calling her a nerd and she is about to start doing bad things so she can fit in.


He is tall and very passionate about dancing but his father says it is very girly and he should play basketball as he is tall but he doesn’t want to so he is about to abandon dancing and take up basketball


She is a good – for -nothing and she is always sulky


She is a very mysterious person and nobody knows anything about her


She is the “cool girl ” in her school


She is often called a loser because she lies a lot


She is the ” perfect girl ” who everybody aims to be


He is often teased about how fat he is


He is a BB player and is loved by all


She is a nobody as she is not good at any thing

So , These are my friends and we will solve all their problems one by one in the next episode of P.E.S.P.E.C.T.I.V.E


This is a word which when uttered in front of anybody ( smart people ) will give them a mini heart attack and this phase is very crucial . So, tell me do you like exams ?? Or whenever your exam is near do you curse the person who started this ?

Well, I am surely the second type . I feel that lifes purpose is to have fun and be happy right ??

And I surely know that handwork isn’t fun Then why do we have exams ??

Okay, Time to go have to study for history exam

My First Best Friend

Okay, so now you might be thinking 5th blog on best friend !! God

So, It was the first day of school and I was scared . And was crying as I did not want to be left in this unknown place . My parents had already said goodbye. But just then a girl came, she said hi and asked why I was crying and I said because my parents left me here, so just then she told me not to worry and hugged me tightly and told me not to cry , so i stopped. Later that day during break she told me to come to the restroom with her and I did so. Then she said even she missed my parents so she wanted to cry with me as she had felt that she could trust only me. Together we cried and promised to never ever cry in school.

I did not want to elaborate as these memories make me cry as I really miss her as I had shifted from there a few years back.