Revenge: Ep 3

What ?!! Why would she do such a thing? Now, I am forever indebted to her for saving my life. It would have been much better if she would have just killed me. No, Focus Infinity, Focus.
” What is your name ?” I told her as heartlessly I could so she doesn’t think I have forgiven her.
” I’m Vex,” she told grinning mildly. Vex ?! I must have heard that name somewhere, I have.
“What’s your name ?” she asked. ” Infinity “, I replied with an expressionless face. If she would have asked me that before she saved me from Will I would have snapped at her, I felt like screaming at her when she asked for my name but something stopped me.
Something called debt.



Who is ” god ” ? And why do we all depend on god ? Why do we blame god for everything that happens to us ? And how would our life be affected by god’s disappearance ?
Let us ask our best friend Google to see what she wants to say :

In my opinion, God is something that provides life, God is real, But worshipping idols is not how we pay our respects, how we should pay our respects is by respecting the real god : Our resources, Water, Fire, Air, Earth and the people who make our lives wonderful, or who provide us with it. Why do we worship Idols that have no contribution in giving us or helping us live our lives ? I would not call myself an atheist , but the god we are worshipping now is a god that I don’t believe in.

FUN FACT : In Indian Mythology, each story, each rule and each principle has a very deep and scientific meaning, Indians were very very technologically and scientifically advanced, if they had not been brainwashed to not realize their self worth, the world would have been way more advanced.

Revenge :Ep 2

I woke up with a piercing ache in my shoulder. That’s where Will shot me.


I thought I was dead, but I wasn’t. But if I wasn’t dead, where was I? I looked around to see where I was when I saw her. Yes, her.

“You thought you were dead. Didn’t you? ” She said. Obviously, she would kill me, or torture me to death as that is exactly what I was about to do to her when Will came.

” You work for Will too? ” I said trying to gather all the courage I could. ” No,” she said cleaning her knife on a green cloth. That green cloth. Where had I seen it? I just couldn’t remember.

” I don’t work for anyone, I work alone.” She said, getting up and moving towards me. And what she said next made me die inside.

” I saved you from Will”

Life and Death situation

I screamed just as the vicious dog moved closer to me, I kept screaming for help but no one was around. The dog was giving me a deadly glance, I was so scared that I was too scared to even be scared, and then for a moment I thought, What is the worst that could happen if I just stayed calm ? Would the dog gobble me up ? No, Mother told me that dogs don’t gobble people up. The dog would maybe call his friends and cook me and eat me with some seasoning ? But once I saw a dog bite my friend, it didn’t season him or anything, it just bit him and he cried. Maybe this dog will bite me, but Mother said that dogs dont bite people for no reason unless they have some disease called rabbits or something. Maybe this dog had rabbits, Mother also told me that, if you run from a dog, the dog will follow you and bite you, so I can’t run. Suddenly I heard my mothers voice scolding me. Why was Mother scolding me ? When I payed close attention to what she said I heard. ” God !! Help me. This girl is such a sleeping beauty, it takes me an hour to drag her out of bed. She doesn’t even wake up when I splash water on her face! “Why was mother talking about me not getting out of bed in this super critical situation, when my life is at stake ? I felt a huge splash of water on my face, maybe it was raining, or had the dog gobbled me up, was this what being in a dogs stomach felt like ? Everything became black and I heard Mother scolding me and telling me that I was late for school. Mother only cares about school, even when I am gobbled up by a dog, Mother expects me to go to school ? This is unbelievable. The next thing I know is that I am being dragged out of bed



Anger is a very beautiful thing, It is something capable of practically controlling the actions, thoughts and ideas of a person. It is so powerful that it can even control how others may think of us through our actions. So, I think it is clear that if we can harness our anger ,which may be the main component pulling us down from reaching our goals, we can be accomplished individuals who have nothing to stop them.

Me when I am angrrry

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Being Ordinary

Hi !! It’s me Maya again. Like I said in the last post , I am not unique or super talented, I am just an ordinary girl, I also did realize that being ordinary also in some ways makes me unique. The main question here is what is ordinary ? Well, I googled it for you :

And this is what I got

with no special or distinctive features; normal. , Is it possible ? Does that mean I have not special of distinctive features, but I did read in an article it said that not all are same. I personally think that it is impossible to be ordinary. It is obvious that all have different opinions right ? So what really is being ordinary ?

Revenge : My book

Here is a sneak peek into the first chapter of my book:

“Don’t! You’ll regret it! “,
I held the gun tightly in my hand, determined to shoot, there was no turning back now, she deserved it.
“Please, I’m sorry, I really am..”
I slowly moved forward with an emotionless face.
I will do it. I will.
With her incessantly begging me not to do it, I decided whatever happens today, how much ever she begs me, I. Will. Do. It
Suddenly, I felt a cold touch on my shoulder and I quickly turned back to see him. I shivered, dropping the gun onto the floor.
” I see that you reached here before I could. You are much smarter than I expected you to be,” he said picking the gun up and examining it.
I had to leave. What if he knew the actual reason for my anger. I had to think fast because if he was here, then nobody was safe…
I slowly turned and started walking towards her. Got it! I just have to be very casual. I laughed and then swallowed hard ” What are you talking about Will? I am just here to take revenge ” I grit my teeth and strangled her
( which I was initially going to do ). Will laughed and said ” Oh! I thought you were here for something else… anyway. Is this the girl who you wanted to take revenge from 4 years back ?” I swallowed hard. He remembers that. I just had to leave. Now. ” Yeah “, I chuckled like it was nothing. ” You remembered !!” I said, trying my best not to sound suspicious.
Okay, Let’s do what we originally came here to do. Then I realized she had not said anything for quite a while,( which was news to me as if she had revealed why I was here, I would have been dead now. ) just to find out that I had strangled her so hard that she had passed out already. Sadly not passed away. ” Everything all right? ” Will asked.
Nope, not at all, How can it be if you’re here?
“Yeah, all good. Finally !! Was tracking her for a pretty long time now. “I said faking my joy.
” Drop the act, ” Will said walking slowly towards me.
run. I knew I had to. All my senses told me to run and when I almost started running, she pulled me.
” Thought I was dead huh? “
All I could remember was a bullet on my shoulder.

Hope you liked it !!



Nature at it’s Best

I remember that I was in in 5th grade when our English teacher had told us to write an essay on nature.. I do not remember what was in the essay but I did remember the name-” Nature at it’s best ” That time I had just written some random mandatory things but now if you look at it , I really think I understand the meaning now. Today , 27 th September , Daughters day , I went to a nearby park ” Cubbon park” Humongous and glorious ., I think even these words can never ever be enough to describe such a magnificent place… But why Cubbon park ? why not a nearby mall ?I feel I chose cubbon park over a mall as 1) I never really went before 2) Malls are closed 3) Why not explore ? 4) It’s always good to enjoy nature. But I think that I can call this experience life changing as if we ever look away from our busy life.. Life is actually amazing when you are around nature.

Okay , let me share my experience with you..


Even a million words cannot ever describe anything like a picture, a picture is priceless and what is much better than a few self explanatory innocent yet magnificent pictures ? ( clicked by yours truly as I looove photography !!!)

Have we really become such insensitive people ? That plants have to be in a very secured place so they don’t face our wrath ?
A beauty……
Sure !! why not ?
okay , you have put on some weight…. SCRICT DIET FROM TOMMOROW
No words ….
Ohh ! looking sharp !! Did you just have a haircut ?
Oh honey I shrunk myself !!
Looks so sharp yet so soft
Yes sir ! please arrest it !! TOO PRETTY !!
Oh aren’t you pretty ?
Looking better with your sidekick , The shrub !!
Don’t worry , Will get you out of jail soon!!
Oh hello ! handsome
Yup , heres the last

I hope you like it !! Thank you and have the most amazing day !!

Not Unique…

I am not unique. I love blending in. I am scared to stand out . I often do what others do , and I love going with the flow , why break it ? I know a few ” unique ” people , everybody likes them and some despise them , take my friend Happy orbits for an example , She has so many followers and friends but , when she makes even one mistake , criticism prevails , but this never happens to me because I can blend in, I try to pretend to be unique so as to be ” cool” but , I am not . I cant just say it is okay , when I get criticized , like Happy Orbits so , I dont really feel that I’m not unique….. But I feel I also am unique, by blending in and am unique in my own way…

P.S. Shh ! Don’t tell Happy Orbits I wrote in her blog again , remember … Unknown ep . 1 ? She beat me up black and blue , (bruises are still visible )
Yours Truly ,