Revenge: Ep 9

” What are you thinking Infie ?” He asked me just like old times. But I was so deeply immersed in my thoughts I did not even care to answer. After a while, I asked him,
” Are you still the same Will ?” I asked him
” No, Infie… I guess… I changed, but if you trust me it can go back to how it was” He said looking genuinely sorry
” No Will, we can’t. I had orders to kill you. I’m sorry but Mr. Webber will kill you and me if he finds out.”
” I was just curious Infie… Why were you about to kill Vex ?” He asked raising his eyebrows, just like he used to when we were small.
” Oh, I was on a mission to find out the villains who were terrorizing a few villagers in Delipse. I know it sounds petty but I was bored and I did not get any interesting mission so I went there. When I completed my mission, I met her. She pretended to be another agent at Echo and tell me that I got a mission to go and be undercover in a murder agency and report back to her. Originally, this is how missions are assigned and I did it. But after 3 years of working there undercover, I witnessed the company fall and I considered my mission complete. But when I went to HQ to report back to her, I realized that there was no one named Kira ( she told me that her name was that ) and soon I saw that I had just help shut down an evil company opposing V.E.I.L. and she had used me. When Mr. Webber found out, he had no choice but to suspend me, but he gave me orders to kill her. Well, I was about to… when you shot me.” I said looking a bit sad.
” Are you not curious about where I was all these years what I did and how I reached there when you were about to kill Vex ?” He asked trying very hard not to make me angrier than I was now. But I had only one answer ” Will, I believe you deserve another chance and I do too. My suspension ends in 3 months, I want us to be the old Infie and Will who were BFF’S forever and have the time of our lives ok ?”
” Ok” he replied trying to hide his happiness.
” Aww… I am so touched… Infie ” A raspy voice said in a mocking tone. At first, I thought it was Vex but when I turned it was someone who had my future in his hands.
Mr. Webber.

Revenge: Ep 8

Yes, It was Will. I was so aghast. I had orders from Hawk ( agent name for Mr. Webber, the founder of Echo) to kill the owner of V.I.L.E which was Will. When I found out, I immediately went to the HQ of V.I.L.E to talk to him. He had… changed. A lot. He refused to stop and told me not to get in his way or I would regret it. Regret, that word pushed me, I never regret anything and my ego took over, I stormed out and prepared my team for war, with V.I.L.E. Soon, we crushed V.I.L.E and Will was forced to stop. I was ordered to kill him, which means I had to, but I couldn’t not no matter what, he still was my childhood friend. So, being the mastermind I am, I gave him the Criminal punishment, but Will didn’t change a bit, he charged the Echo head of Delipse and I ordered the guards to throw him out of the country. So, that is why if Will was here, no one was safe..”

Revenge :ep 7

We didn’t stop running until we reached the HQ at Echo ( the secret agency I work for ).

Confused? It’s Ok let us rewind to when Will and I met.

It was a cold chilly night, my family had just moved to this place called Delipse. My parents worked for the same company I do for now. They had been posted to Delipse in a huge villa. I met Will that day. Even his parents worked for the same agency mine did. Will and I became best friends on the spot even though we were the exact opposite, opposites do attract. We had a lot of fun when we were there, we almost grew up together. We were best buddies for 18 years. We never really fought. He hated nicknames but he always called me by my nickname. We had no clue what our parents did at that time as they never told us. We both joined the same secret agency our parents worked for. I treated him like my brother for all these years just until his Sahara project. I don’t know what happened there but when he returned, he had changed drastically. He left the Echo and cut all contact with me. I searched for him a lot but I had no luck. Soon, I had been posted to Cramania for the biggest project of my life which took me 3 years to solve. The mission was to find all our agents who had left Echo. I had received information that they had been working for the world’s most evil company V.I.L.E. Rumored to have been started by a secret agent here at Echo. But when I found the Owner of V.I.L.E, I was heartbroken, as the founder of the company was Will.

Revenge: Ep 6

Vex quickly cleaned her face with the familiar green cloth and she replied ” Yes Will, I’m here” She replied with a quick indication telling me to hide. I did just as she signaled without thinking. She opened the door halfway and checked if I was seen. Once the coast was clear, she opened the door fully and said,” I was just taking rest here.” Will had his worried face on, he cared for her. ” Vex, Why is your hair covered with stinge ?” he asked looking very tense.

 Stinge? What was stinge? I did not even know that serum. “Oh, that? Inf… That evil girl who was trying to kill me? she did that.” Vex replied looking pleased with herself for making such an excuse. ” Infinity, How do you know her? And why was she chasing you? And why on earth did you stab my eye ?”Will asked with a deadly expression. ” That does not matter Will, Why were you there trying to kill her, I just asked you for help. And I..I… I was about to aim that knife to her but…but.. by mistake, it went in your eye.” She replied trying to make up another excuse on the spot.” Vex, I know who you are you never miss a shot. And I always know when you are lying.” Will said smiling. Why was Vex trying to save me?

” Vex, tell me one thing,” He asked walking very close to where I was hiding.” Yes, ask me, Will.”

” Where are you hiding her ?”.

” What do you mean Will ?” She said looking towards me signaling me to run. Just as I started to run he caught hold of my hand and said ”You tried to kill me and when you were not successful you tried to kill her ” I looked at Vex and looked at her helpless eyes and then mustered all my courage and said” Will, Let me go ” Very angrily gritting my teeth. And guess what? He did. But what he did next was worse. He snatched the knife from the table and held it across Vex’s neck. ” You’re with her aren’t you ?, Vex, tell me the truth who do you work for? ”He asked angrily” I work for…for..V.E.I.L“ she replied smirking

Will and I were shocked. And we looked at each other for help.

And we ran for help

Revenge: Ep 5

“What ?! This is Will’s house? ” I screamed at her face. But somehow felt that the weight of debt had been lifted off my shoulders
” Yes, this is. I brought you here on purpose. See, I have a plan..” She said trying to calm me down
” To kill me don’t you ?” I asked angrily forming a plan in my mind. Once the plan was formulated, I grabbed a glass of green liquid, which somehow looked familiar, and I splashed it across her face blinding her for at least 10 seconds so I had time to grab that familiar knife and pin her to the nearest wall.
” Where is Will ?” I asked her gritting my teeth very hard. I could see that she was struggling to breathe, but will all her might she spoke ” He will be here soon, Please just listen…I have a plan.” ” Keep quiet !! “I cut her short and screamed. Just then I heard a knock.
” Vex? What are you doing here ?” said a very familiar voice. The problem here was that this time I recognized it.
It was Will.

Revenge: Ep 4

“Where is this ?? ” I asked her blandly.

“Oh, this? This is my cousin’s house.” She replied looking around.

I had many questions at the moment but I asked the one which I was more curious about. The only problem was that I didn’t know which one to ask. So, I asked all at once which made a mess

” Where’s Will? How and Why did you save me? How do you know him and why are we at your cousin’s house ?” I fumbled

“Ok..ok.. slow down Infinity…. Will ran away after I saved you. I had a knife in my hand ( which you didn’t know about) and I stabbed him in the eye and he flinched and fell and when I was helping you get up he ran away. I saved you because…Well, you don’t want to know that. Will, how do I know him ?? ” She replied

“He’s my cousin.”

Revenge: Ep 3

What ?!! Why would she do such a thing? Now, I am forever indebted to her for saving my life. It would have been much better if she would have just killed me. No, Focus Infinity, Focus.
” What is your name ?” I told her as heartlessly I could so she doesn’t think I have forgiven her.
” I’m Vex,” she told grinning mildly. Vex ?! I must have heard that name somewhere, I have.
“What’s your name ?” she asked. ” Infinity “, I replied with an expressionless face. If she would have asked me that before she saved me from Will I would have snapped at her, I felt like screaming at her when she asked for my name but something stopped me.
Something called debt.



Who is ” god ” ? And why do we all depend on god ? Why do we blame god for everything that happens to us ? And how would our life be affected by god’s disappearance ?
Let us ask our best friend Google to see what she wants to say :

In my opinion, God is something that provides life, God is real, But worshipping idols is not how we pay our respects, how we should pay our respects is by respecting the real god : Our resources, Water, Fire, Air, Earth and the people who make our lives wonderful, or who provide us with it. Why do we worship Idols that have no contribution in giving us or helping us live our lives ? I would not call myself an atheist , but the god we are worshipping now is a god that I don’t believe in.

FUN FACT : In Indian Mythology, each story, each rule and each principle has a very deep and scientific meaning, Indians were very very technologically and scientifically advanced, if they had not been brainwashed to not realize their self worth, the world would have been way more advanced.

Revenge :Ep 2

I woke up with a piercing ache in my shoulder. That’s where Will shot me.


I thought I was dead, but I wasn’t. But if I wasn’t dead, where was I? I looked around to see where I was when I saw her. Yes, her.

“You thought you were dead. Didn’t you? ” She said. Obviously, she would kill me, or torture me to death as that is exactly what I was about to do to her when Will came.

” You work for Will too? ” I said trying to gather all the courage I could. ” No,” she said cleaning her knife on a green cloth. That green cloth. Where had I seen it? I just couldn’t remember.

” I don’t work for anyone, I work alone.” She said, getting up and moving towards me. And what she said next made me die inside.

” I saved you from Will”

Life and Death situation

I screamed just as the vicious dog moved closer to me, I kept screaming for help but no one was around. The dog was giving me a deadly glance, I was so scared that I was too scared to even be scared, and then for a moment I thought, What is the worst that could happen if I just stayed calm ? Would the dog gobble me up ? No, Mother told me that dogs don’t gobble people up. The dog would maybe call his friends and cook me and eat me with some seasoning ? But once I saw a dog bite my friend, it didn’t season him or anything, it just bit him and he cried. Maybe this dog will bite me, but Mother said that dogs dont bite people for no reason unless they have some disease called rabbits or something. Maybe this dog had rabbits, Mother also told me that, if you run from a dog, the dog will follow you and bite you, so I can’t run. Suddenly I heard my mothers voice scolding me. Why was Mother scolding me ? When I payed close attention to what she said I heard. ” God !! Help me. This girl is such a sleeping beauty, it takes me an hour to drag her out of bed. She doesn’t even wake up when I splash water on her face! “Why was mother talking about me not getting out of bed in this super critical situation, when my life is at stake ? I felt a huge splash of water on my face, maybe it was raining, or had the dog gobbled me up, was this what being in a dogs stomach felt like ? Everything became black and I heard Mother scolding me and telling me that I was late for school. Mother only cares about school, even when I am gobbled up by a dog, Mother expects me to go to school ? This is unbelievable. The next thing I know is that I am being dragged out of bed