Be Myself

“Just Be Yourself ”
But how ? Who am I ? Am I a good person ? Do I like chocolates ? Am I good at anything ? How on earth can I be myself if I don’t know who I am ?
I have been pretending so long to be someone else that I have lost my true identity. I have no clue as to who this person is.

I like football… I guess. I love listening to K-pop. I think. I am a cool person and I belong in the cool gang…Maybe. I am definitely NOT a nerd… I assume.

(But can I tell you a secret ? I love Hindustani classical music and I love reading and studying. Football is something I never liked, I just play to be included)

But the main issue is that now I think poorly of my true identity. I wish I could embrace it like others do…I guess

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Stay unique

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