Hi! I am Preethi. I am not just a typical 14 year old. I eat the same food and wear the same clothes a teenager wears, I walk and talk the same way the kids in my class do, but what makes me different ? I am not treated the same way the kids my age are treated. I have anxiety. My friends don’t talk to me and my teachers treat me very partially. The younger students are scared of me and the older students bully me. My friends just ignore me and my sister is very repulsive towards me. I wish. I wish this would not have happened. I wish mental health issues were not so stigmatized so that I could be a typical 14 year old. Let’s join hands and stop the stigma about mental health issues. Follow us on Instagram : minds_aligned10 Because suicide notes talk too late.

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3 thoughts on “#StopTheStigma

    1. Thank you so much… It is a relief to see that you are concerned so dearly towards this topic I would love it if you share it and make the world a better place. Preethi is my fictional friend who will help me convey this message.

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