Revenge: Part 2

“I am not wrong. You just haven’t seen life from my side.”  


When I saw Infie the first time I absolutely hated her. I felt so jealous, I do not know why, maybe because all the kids in Delipse offered to be her friend and that too on the day she arrived, or maybe it was because even her parents were as cool as mine, maybe even cooler. The only reason I had any friends was that they knew that my parents were the Head Agents at Echo and all their parents worked under my parents, But Infie’s father, Mr. Danger, was the head of Echo, which was the coolest position anybody could be on Earth. But, the moment she looked at me and smiled, I couldn’t resist. It was like all my hatred had been wiped away. I could not help but talk to her and very soon, unknowingly we became best friends. She was my neighbor, and soon we became even closer than a brother and a sister. At that time, we did not know what our parents did, we just knew they were secret agents. When we were 7, we decided to be top agents at Echo and she kept the promise. 

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