Revenge: Ep 9

” What are you thinking Infie ?” He asked me just like old times. But I was so deeply immersed in my thoughts I did not even care to answer. After a while, I asked him,
” Are you still the same Will ?” I asked him
” No, Infie… I guess… I changed, but if you trust me it can go back to how it was” He said looking genuinely sorry
” No Will, we can’t. I had orders to kill you. I’m sorry but Mr. Webber will kill you and me if he finds out.”
” I was just curious Infie… Why were you about to kill Vex ?” He asked raising his eyebrows, just like he used to when we were small.
” Oh, I was on a mission to find out the villains who were terrorizing a few villagers in Delipse. I know it sounds petty but I was bored and I did not get any interesting mission so I went there. When I completed my mission, I met her. She pretended to be another agent at Echo and tell me that I got a mission to go and be undercover in a murder agency and report back to her. Originally, this is how missions are assigned and I did it. But after 3 years of working there undercover, I witnessed the company fall and I considered my mission complete. But when I went to HQ to report back to her, I realized that there was no one named Kira ( she told me that her name was that ) and soon I saw that I had just help shut down an evil company opposing V.E.I.L. and she had used me. When Mr. Webber found out, he had no choice but to suspend me, but he gave me orders to kill her. Well, I was about to… when you shot me.” I said looking a bit sad.
” Are you not curious about where I was all these years what I did and how I reached there when you were about to kill Vex ?” He asked trying very hard not to make me angrier than I was now. But I had only one answer ” Will, I believe you deserve another chance and I do too. My suspension ends in 3 months, I want us to be the old Infie and Will who were BFF’S forever and have the time of our lives ok ?”
” Ok” he replied trying to hide his happiness.
” Aww… I am so touched… Infie ” A raspy voice said in a mocking tone. At first, I thought it was Vex but when I turned it was someone who had my future in his hands.
Mr. Webber.

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