Revenge: Ep 8

Yes, It was Will. I was so aghast. I had orders from Hawk ( agent name for Mr. Webber, the founder of Echo) to kill the owner of V.I.L.E which was Will. When I found out, I immediately went to the HQ of V.I.L.E to talk to him. He had… changed. A lot. He refused to stop and told me not to get in his way or I would regret it. Regret, that word pushed me, I never regret anything and my ego took over, I stormed out and prepared my team for war, with V.I.L.E. Soon, we crushed V.I.L.E and Will was forced to stop. I was ordered to kill him, which means I had to, but I couldn’t not no matter what, he still was my childhood friend. So, being the mastermind I am, I gave him the Criminal punishment, but Will didn’t change a bit, he charged the Echo head of Delipse and I ordered the guards to throw him out of the country. So, that is why if Will was here, no one was safe..”

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