Revenge :ep 7

We didn’t stop running until we reached the HQ at Echo ( the secret agency I work for ).

Confused? It’s Ok let us rewind to when Will and I met.

It was a cold chilly night, my family had just moved to this place called Delipse. My parents worked for the same company I do for now. They had been posted to Delipse in a huge villa. I met Will that day. Even his parents worked for the same agency mine did. Will and I became best friends on the spot even though we were the exact opposite, opposites do attract. We had a lot of fun when we were there, we almost grew up together. We were best buddies for 18 years. We never really fought. He hated nicknames but he always called me by my nickname. We had no clue what our parents did at that time as they never told us. We both joined the same secret agency our parents worked for. I treated him like my brother for all these years just until his Sahara project. I don’t know what happened there but when he returned, he had changed drastically. He left the Echo and cut all contact with me. I searched for him a lot but I had no luck. Soon, I had been posted to Cramania for the biggest project of my life which took me 3 years to solve. The mission was to find all our agents who had left Echo. I had received information that they had been working for the world’s most evil company V.I.L.E. Rumored to have been started by a secret agent here at Echo. But when I found the Owner of V.I.L.E, I was heartbroken, as the founder of the company was Will.

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