Revenge: Ep 6

Vex quickly cleaned her face with the familiar green cloth and she replied ” Yes Will, I’m here” She replied with a quick indication telling me to hide. I did just as she signaled without thinking. She opened the door halfway and checked if I was seen. Once the coast was clear, she opened the door fully and said,” I was just taking rest here.” Will had his worried face on, he cared for her. ” Vex, Why is your hair covered with stinge ?” he asked looking very tense.

 Stinge? What was stinge? I did not even know that serum. “Oh, that? Inf… That evil girl who was trying to kill me? she did that.” Vex replied looking pleased with herself for making such an excuse. ” Infinity, How do you know her? And why was she chasing you? And why on earth did you stab my eye ?”Will asked with a deadly expression. ” That does not matter Will, Why were you there trying to kill her, I just asked you for help. And I..I… I was about to aim that knife to her but…but.. by mistake, it went in your eye.” She replied trying to make up another excuse on the spot.” Vex, I know who you are you never miss a shot. And I always know when you are lying.” Will said smiling. Why was Vex trying to save me?

” Vex, tell me one thing,” He asked walking very close to where I was hiding.” Yes, ask me, Will.”

” Where are you hiding her ?”.

” What do you mean Will ?” She said looking towards me signaling me to run. Just as I started to run he caught hold of my hand and said ”You tried to kill me and when you were not successful you tried to kill her ” I looked at Vex and looked at her helpless eyes and then mustered all my courage and said” Will, Let me go ” Very angrily gritting my teeth. And guess what? He did. But what he did next was worse. He snatched the knife from the table and held it across Vex’s neck. ” You’re with her aren’t you ?, Vex, tell me the truth who do you work for? ”He asked angrily” I work for…for..V.E.I.L“ she replied smirking

Will and I were shocked. And we looked at each other for help.

And we ran for help

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