Revenge: Ep 5

“What ?! This is Will’s house? ” I screamed at her face. But somehow felt that the weight of debt had been lifted off my shoulders
” Yes, this is. I brought you here on purpose. See, I have a plan..” She said trying to calm me down
” To kill me don’t you ?” I asked angrily forming a plan in my mind. Once the plan was formulated, I grabbed a glass of green liquid, which somehow looked familiar, and I splashed it across her face blinding her for at least 10 seconds so I had time to grab that familiar knife and pin her to the nearest wall.
” Where is Will ?” I asked her gritting my teeth very hard. I could see that she was struggling to breathe, but will all her might she spoke ” He will be here soon, Please just listen…I have a plan.” ” Keep quiet !! “I cut her short and screamed. Just then I heard a knock.
” Vex? What are you doing here ?” said a very familiar voice. The problem here was that this time I recognized it.
It was Will.

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