Revenge: Ep 4

“Where is this ?? ” I asked her blandly.

“Oh, this? This is my cousin’s house.” She replied looking around.

I had many questions at the moment but I asked the one which I was more curious about. The only problem was that I didn’t know which one to ask. So, I asked all at once which made a mess

” Where’s Will? How and Why did you save me? How do you know him and why are we at your cousin’s house ?” I fumbled

“Ok..ok.. slow down Infinity…. Will ran away after I saved you. I had a knife in my hand ( which you didn’t know about) and I stabbed him in the eye and he flinched and fell and when I was helping you get up he ran away. I saved you because…Well, you don’t want to know that. Will, how do I know him ?? ” She replied

“He’s my cousin.”

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