Revenge: Ep 10

“Mr. Webber ?” I said casting a poisonous look at him.
” Hi… Bill. How have you been ?” He said pushing me aside and slowly walking over to him.
” Will. Is my name. What do you want? Murder me? If you want to do so… Give me 3 months… I want to be with Infie… Infinity. If you have any humanity left.” Will said looking somewhat uncertain.
He looked somewhat startled by what Will said. Reluctantly, He said,” What’s in it for me then ?”
I got it, I knew exactly what to say ” If you let him live, I will work for you forever… And I know that I am one of the best agents the Echo has.”
“3 months it is ” He sighed. It was the perfect deal. Suddenly I grabbed Will’s hand and ran, we did not have a minute to waste.
Will stopped me and said ” Infie… We are forgetting something. ”
“What ?”

End Of Part 1

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