Who is ” god ” ? And why do we all depend on god ? Why do we blame god for everything that happens to us ? And how would our life be affected by god’s disappearance ?
Let us ask our best friend Google to see what she wants to say :

In my opinion, God is something that provides life, God is real, But worshipping idols is not how we pay our respects, how we should pay our respects is by respecting the real god : Our resources, Water, Fire, Air, Earth and the people who make our lives wonderful, or who provide us with it. Why do we worship Idols that have no contribution in giving us or helping us live our lives ? I would not call myself an atheist , but the god we are worshipping now is a god that I don’t believe in.

FUN FACT : In Indian Mythology, each story, each rule and each principle has a very deep and scientific meaning, Indians were very very technologically and scientifically advanced, if they had not been brainwashed to not realize their self worth, the world would have been way more advanced.

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