Revenge :Ep 2

I woke up with a piercing ache in my shoulder. That’s where Will shot me.


I thought I was dead, but I wasn’t. But if I wasn’t dead, where was I? I looked around to see where I was when I saw her. Yes, her.

“You thought you were dead. Didn’t you? ” She said. Obviously, she would kill me, or torture me to death as that is exactly what I was about to do to her when Will came.

” You work for Will too? ” I said trying to gather all the courage I could. ” No,” she said cleaning her knife on a green cloth. That green cloth. Where had I seen it? I just couldn’t remember.

” I don’t work for anyone, I work alone.” She said, getting up and moving towards me. And what she said next made me die inside.

” I saved you from Will”

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