Revenge : My book

Here is a sneak peek into the first chapter of my book:

“Don’t! You’ll regret it! “,
I held the gun tightly in my hand, determined to shoot, there was no turning back now, she deserved it.
“Please, I’m sorry, I really am..”
I slowly moved forward with an emotionless face.
I will do it. I will.
With her incessantly begging me not to do it, I decided whatever happens today, how much ever she begs me, I. Will. Do. It
Suddenly, I felt a cold touch on my shoulder and I quickly turned back to see him. I shivered, dropping the gun onto the floor.
” I see that you reached here before I could. You are much smarter than I expected you to be,” he said picking the gun up and examining it.
I had to leave. What if he knew the actual reason for my anger. I had to think fast because if he was here, then nobody was safe…
I slowly turned and started walking towards her. Got it! I just have to be very casual. I laughed and then swallowed hard ” What are you talking about Will? I am just here to take revenge ” I grit my teeth and strangled her
( which I was initially going to do ). Will laughed and said ” Oh! I thought you were here for something else… anyway. Is this the girl who you wanted to take revenge from 4 years back ?” I swallowed hard. He remembers that. I just had to leave. Now. ” Yeah “, I chuckled like it was nothing. ” You remembered !!” I said, trying my best not to sound suspicious.
Okay, Let’s do what we originally came here to do. Then I realized she had not said anything for quite a while,( which was news to me as if she had revealed why I was here, I would have been dead now. ) just to find out that I had strangled her so hard that she had passed out already. Sadly not passed away. ” Everything all right? ” Will asked.
Nope, not at all, How can it be if you’re here?
“Yeah, all good. Finally !! Was tracking her for a pretty long time now. “I said faking my joy.
” Drop the act, ” Will said walking slowly towards me.
run. I knew I had to. All my senses told me to run and when I almost started running, she pulled me.
” Thought I was dead huh? “
All I could remember was a bullet on my shoulder.

Hope you liked it !!



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