Nature at it’s Best

I remember that I was in in 5th grade when our English teacher had told us to write an essay on nature.. I do not remember what was in the essay but I did remember the name-” Nature at it’s best ” That time I had just written some random mandatory things but now if you look at it , I really think I understand the meaning now. Today , 27 th September , Daughters day , I went to a nearby park ” Cubbon park” Humongous and glorious ., I think even these words can never ever be enough to describe such a magnificent place… But why Cubbon park ? why not a nearby mall ?I feel I chose cubbon park over a mall as 1) I never really went before 2) Malls are closed 3) Why not explore ? 4) It’s always good to enjoy nature. But I think that I can call this experience life changing as if we ever look away from our busy life.. Life is actually amazing when you are around nature.

Okay , let me share my experience with you..


Even a million words cannot ever describe anything like a picture, a picture is priceless and what is much better than a few self explanatory innocent yet magnificent pictures ? ( clicked by yours truly as I looove photography !!!)

Have we really become such insensitive people ? That plants have to be in a very secured place so they don’t face our wrath ?
A beauty……
Sure !! why not ?
okay , you have put on some weight…. SCRICT DIET FROM TOMMOROW
No words ….
Ohh ! looking sharp !! Did you just have a haircut ?
Oh honey I shrunk myself !!
Looks so sharp yet so soft
Yes sir ! please arrest it !! TOO PRETTY !!
Oh aren’t you pretty ?
Looking better with your sidekick , The shrub !!
Don’t worry , Will get you out of jail soon!!
Oh hello ! handsome
Yup , heres the last

I hope you like it !! Thank you and have the most amazing day !!

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15 thoughts on “Nature at it’s Best

  1. Wao ..very well written indeed the pictures say it all but the description you have written for pictures makes them more lively .. Keep writing and keep capturing ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Nicely done. I particularly like the way you’ve revealed depth in a couple of the shots–the ones with the fence/grating as diagonal lines fading into the distance. Some clever titles for the images as well. Keep up the great work!

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