Just take a moment to think….

Okay, I’ll be frank.

There is not one day that I have thanked God for what I have now. I have great parents, a beautiful house to live in, the best friends and the most important

A TV !!!


I am sad that I don’t have the best dress or the latest iPhone which all my friends have but not me.

And I throw a tantrum and go to my room only to find the iPhone, dress or something even better lying on my bed the next minute. But the next day I am sad again as I want something else again.. and that cycle continues forever.

Now now when I have time I think about this….(when I am not busy throwing tantrums )

I look around just to find a girl..maybe my age.. holding a baby begging around.

My attention drifts toward her dress…

it is tattered and in terrible condition. Why isn’t she sad??

I am touched…

imagine, instead of buying the latest iPhone, if I gave that money to her, she could feed herself and the baby for months.

I go back to my parents’ room and throw a tantrum…

for something else this time…

for that girl.



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12 thoughts on “Just take a moment to think….

  1. Enjoyed reading each of your posts! This one esp is very thought provoking… How often is it that we think of what we have when we are forever so comfortable soaking (and sometimes drowning) in sympathy of ‘what we don’t’ … Kudos on each of your posts. Way to go!

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